Council creates smart, future-proofed wastewater solution with EUROFLO®

The Carterton District Council’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Project - 800mm SN4 EUROFLO Install

Council creates smart, future-proofed wastewater solution with EUROFLO®

An ambitious project being led by the Carterton District Council (CDC) is improving the treatment of the district’s urban wastewater — and the use of strong, large diameter 800mm EUROFLO® pipes is ensuring the benefits will last for decades to come.

“Carterton District Council is upgrading its Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) to reduce the environmental impact of wastewater on the Mangatārere Stream,” says Matt Chapman, CDC Projects and Contracts Officer.

“The new construction will reduce discharges to the stream and irrigate to 40 hectares of surrounding farmland, distributing at least 90% of the town’s wastewater using a far more environmentally sustainable method.”

To date the project has seen the first irrigator pivot installed – and in use – and the majority of the earthworks for the storage reservoirs have been completed.

While the reservoirs and irrigation system will have more than enough capacity for the current and projected population of the district, the Council project team have ensured they can build even greater capacity in the future with their forward-thinking use of EUROFLO® products.

When the Council was looking at options for the discharge pipeline, it determined it needed pipes that would allow for the installation of pumps so that wastewater can be pumped out in the event of exceptional volumes in the future.

The decision to go with EUROFLO® SN4 pipe and sealing rings made sense on the basis of cost, reliability, environmental peace of mind and the ability to support high wastewater volumes from future population growth.

More than 760 metres of EUROFLO® 800mm pipeline is being installed to gravity feed wastewater discharge.

The large diameter of the EUROFLO® pipe means it can be used as a duct to feed through a pressure pipeline if that is needed in the future.

“The EUROFLO® pipes can deliver the required operational flows with significantly less whole of life cost. Should higher flow rates be required, the provision for a pumped system is already inbuilt into this design and can be installed at a much-reduced cost.”

Installing a PE100 pressure pipeline now would have strained the project budget and added unnecessary cost when it’s anticipated that the pipeline will only be used to gravity feed wastewater for a number of years.

EUROFLO®’s SN4-rated pipe means it can easily handle the loading demanded by the project, with an installation depth of more than 1 metre for parts of the pipeline.

A strong pipe with a good track record was also very important to the Carterton District Council because of its environmental priorities.

“The pipeline runs alongside developing wetlands so it was really important to us to minimise any risks.”

With the SN4 pipeline and sealing rings, EUROFLO® provides confidence there is no risk of leaching or cracking in the event of ground movement.

WHERE: Carterton Wastewater Treatment Plant
WHO: Carterton District Council
WHEN: May 2022

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