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10KM Civil EUROFLO Installation

EUROFLO pipe at Ngawha Innovation Park

10KM Civil EUROFLO Installation

Ngawha Innovation & Enterprise Park

Part I

Development of the Ngawha Innovation & Enterprise Park in Northland, near Kaikohe, is underway and the large-scale project will involve the installation of close to 10km of EUROFLO® pipe to manage stormwater for one of the main sites.

KCL Civil operations manager Albert Garton says his team is undertaking the bulk earthworks, stormwater infrastructure and roading for a 28ha site that will house a horticultural fruitgrowing business, Kaikohe Berryfruit.

The project began for KCL Civil in October 2020 and is expected to run until October 2021. So far, 4.5km of EUROFLO® pipe has been installed – all on time and on budget.

“When we were approached by the client and I heard what they wanted to achieve, I suggested the EUROFLO® products because I felt like it could deliver what they wanted, particularly the Go-In System.”

“ The Go-In system provides a neat rubber seal between two pipes intersecting at 90 degrees, which is something that can be tricky to achieve without a costly fitting. So this is a nice option that works quickly and effectively, and is easy to install.”

“Without the Go-In system we could have been looking at t-fittings for this part of the project, which potentially could have been up to three times the cost.”

Choosing EUROFLO® pipes has also given the KCL Civil team access to the range of different pipe sizes they need for this project. In addition to the Go-In system, the civil contractors are using 5.8m lengths of 315mm, 630mm, 800mm and 1000mm pipe. By the end of the Ngawha project, the team will have used more than 1700 lengths of pipe.

Based on their experiences to date, Albert says the KCL Civil team would definitely choose EUROFLO® pipe for future projects. Before the Ngawha project, KCL Civil had used EUROFLO® products on previous jobs including installing culverts for agricultural and forestry projects and on floodgates.

“They were pretty major floodgates and we chose EUROFLO® because of the lightweight but strong structure of the pipe, which means in soft marine soils you don’t need to put so much supporting material underneath to hold them in place.”

In addition to the quality of EUROFLO® pipe and fittings, Albert says he also values the fact the products are supported by a committed team that delivers on what they promise.

“We’ve had really good communication, prompt responses and what they say is what you get. We’ve been very happy with the service.”

Kaikohe Berryfruit is a joint venture led by Ngapuhi Asset Holding Company, partnering with Northland grower Maungatapere Berries and FNH. It will develop a hydroponics operation on the 28ha site, starting with 10ha of tunnel houses for raspberries and blackberries.

Packing and cool-store facilities will be built on site. The venture is expected to provide work for more than 120 people, including 60-70 full-time roles.

Alongside Kaikohe Berryfruit, the Ngawha Innovation & Enterprise Park will also be the base for multiple other businesses including modular house company Modular Construction and a new Olivado production plant with a sophisticated waste processing that will produce fertiliser and biomethane.

The plan is for the Ngawha business hub to house a range of organisations and commercial activities that will grow the economical potential of the local region and support opportunities for existing companies in the area.

WHAT: 28ha development of bulk earthworks, stormwater infrastructure and roading
WHERE: Ngawha Innovation & Enterprise Park, Northland
EUROFLO: 5.8m lengths of 315mm, 630mm, 800mm and 1000mm EUROFLO® pipe, plus Go-In system and fittings
WHEN: Oct 2020 – Oct 2021

Download a copy of the case study here.