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Drone Service Delivers Smart Drainage Plan

Drone footage of farm

Drone Service Delivers Smart Drainage Plan


“So quick and easy” is how Charlotte and Andrew Rayner describe the process of getting a drainage plan and new pipes in place with the help of the P&F Global team and their free drone service.

The service uses a drone to flyover and map farmland and then the recorded images and data are used to develop a personalised drainage plan with the right pipe size and systems.

After an initial phonecall with the P&F Global team, the drone assessment of Charlotte and Andrew’s farm was carried out the following week and the right pipes were ready to install a week later.

“[P&F team member] Mitchell had the data back to us the next day after the drone assessment. We ordered the pipes and they were with us the following week.”

The new drainage plan for the Rayner’s Gladstone farm, near Carterton in the lower North Island, uses a mix of 200mm and 250mm EUROFLO® slotted pipe and the Go-In System which easily connects the pipes to existing drains and pipes.

“EUROFLO® was so quick and easy to work with. We had no complications at all,” says Charlotte.

The speedy install worked out well for the Rayner farm which had to contend with a massive downpour of rain the day after they laid the pipe.

“We were very lucky to get the pipes in when we did.”

“We’ve already recommended EUROFLO® to our neighbours and friends and we will definitely be using EUROFLO® again. We’ve already asked Mitchell to come back with his drone, so we can plan our next drainage project.”

Charlotte says before working with the P&F Global team they were aware of the immediate drainage needs for their farm, but the drone service has given them a clearer plan for the future.

“It has helped give us a better understanding of fall in other parts of the paddock and we will be using this information to help us plan future drainage.”

WHAT: EUROFLO® Go-In System + 200mm, 250mm slotted pipe
WHERE: Wahi Atahua farm, Gladstone. Carterton District.
PROJECT: Drone service and farm drainage plan
WHEN: June 2021

Download a copy of the case study here