EUROFLO® chosen for subdivision due to “ease of use”

Waiotahe Dunes development using EUROFLO® HDPE pipes

EUROFLO® chosen for subdivision due to “ease of use”

EUROFLO® HDPE pipes chosen for Bay of Plenty subdivision due to ease of use

A new Bay of Plenty beachside subdivision with more than 40 lots complete and 40 more underway is using EUROFLO® HDPE pipes for the site’s stormwater drainage.


Delta Contracting is lead contractor for the Waiotahe Dunes development and the company’s Managing Director Paul Blennerhassett says EUROFLO® was an easy choice for this project based on his team’s past experience with the HDPE pipes.

“We have used EUROFLO® for years on the Opotiki District Council maintenance contract and on many private projects. We wouldn’t go back to concrete.”

Paul says there are several reasons his team prefers working with EUROFLO®, notably how easy the HDPE pipes are to handle.

“Choosing EUROFLO® is about the ease of use mainly. The HDPE pipes come in a range of sizes and in 5.8m lengths which means less joins, they’re relatively easy to move by hand and easy to join and align as we compact the soil.”

Getting the right pipe for this project was especially important because the contractors are working in sandy soils and want to avoid ground slumping in the area, which is located just 25km from Ohope Beach.

For the Waiotahe Dunes development, Delta Contracting is using over 800 metres of EUROFLO® pipe in a range of sizes (OD) including 250mm, 315mm, 400mm, 500mm and 630mm.

Along with being quick and easy to install, Paul says the other benefit of EUROFLO® HDPE pipe is that it is easier to transport to the site.

“There are no delivery issues. It’s relatively light but really robust, so where concrete pipes have to be unloaded one at a time, we can tip a whole truckload off at the site.”

Delta Contracting’s experience with EUROFLO® in the past has given his team and the local Opotiki District Council confidence in their choice for the Waiotahe Dunes development.

“The council likes EUROFLO® on our other contracts and was happy to change out concrete for EUROFLO® on this project.”


Where: Waiotahe Dunes, Bay of Plenty

When: Early 2022 – March 2023

What: EUROFLO® HDPE pipe – 250mm, 315mm, 400mm, 500mm and 630mm (OD)

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