EUROFLO Miminises Earthworks in Culvert Project

rusted out culvert

EUROFLO Miminises Earthworks in Culvert Project

A request from Ashburton District Council to replace a rusted out Armco corrugated steel culvert could have resulted in an expensive, time-consuming project but Ashburton Contracting Ltd came up with a cost-effective solution using EUROFLO®.

“Replacing the rusted culvert with reinforced concrete pipe or corrugated steel would likely have resulted in a project that exceeded the Council’s budget due to the high cost materials and extra construction time required to install a concrete pipeline, but we came up with an effective alternative with EUROFLO®,” says Ashburton Contracting Ltd contract manager Tim Bain.

The culvert that needed replacing was at Longbeach Estate in Ashburton and was to be constructed utilising the existing cast in-situ headwalls.

“Looking at the project we realised that in replacing the pipe we wanted to work with the existing structures. If we had to rebuild those structures it would have involved significant earthworks which could have added thousands of dollars to the job.”

To enable them to work with the existing structures and the location of the project, the Ashburton Contracting Ltd team determined a lightweight but durable pipe was a much better solution than concrete or steel.

After looking at their options, the team picked EUROFLO® which had the pipe dimensions they needed for the job (1200mm culvert pipe) and at a great price.

“The location of the existing pipe meant we had to work side-on to the trench, and that would have been much harder if we were working with a heavier replacement pipe.”

“The job went really well. The EUROFLO® pipe is strong but light, which makes it easy to work with and easy to manoeuvre in the hole.”

Ashburton Contracting Ltd has previously used smaller EUROFLO® pipes in roading contracts and after this project they have decided they will “definitely be using EUROFLO® again”.

“EUROFLO® is a good product and we’ve had really good service too – it’s quick and easy to get the pipes that we need.”

PRODUCT: EUROFLO® 1200mm culvert pipe

CONTRACTOR: Ashburton Contracting Ltd – Tim Bain

WHEN: April 2018

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