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EUROFLO® pipe used in SH6 roading rebuild

Damage & slips on SH6 between Nelson and Rai Valley Picture1

EUROFLO® pipe used in SH6 roading rebuild

EUROFLO® pipe used in roading rebuild after flooding causes SH6 closures


Fallout from flooding has caused issues for multiple regions around New Zealand and damaged roading infrastructure is often one of the biggest headaches.


Last year, heavy rain caused serious damage to a stretch of State Highway 6 (SH6) between Nelson and Rai Valley, cutting off a vital connection for freight and commuters travelling between Nelson and Blenheim.

The road was damaged in multiple places and one of several major underslips on SH6 measured two stories high.

The severity of the damage meant a seven-week closure was needed to carry out the repairs for SH6 and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency said the aim was to: “put back a more resilient highway link between those two areas … and make permanent repairs to these five vulnerable sites.”

“Our mission at Fulton Hogan is to deliver high-quality infrastructure to improve the lives of people in New Zealand every day,” says Nick Webby, Nelson Tasman NOC Contract Manager for Fulton Hogan.

“With projects like this one, after flood damage, our team are really committed to helping get roads safely reopened and building resilient infrastructure to ensure local communities have the access they need, now and in the future.”

For this project Fulton Hogan selected a range of EUROFLO SN8 pipe sizes, including 315mm, 400mm, 500mm, 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm, which in total came to more than 400 metres of pipe used in the roading repairs.

EUROFLO pipe provides a resilient and lighter weight alternative to concrete culverts, allowing for easier and safer handling for roading teams and contractors.

The other deciding factor was that the P&F Global team could supply the necessary EUROFLO pipe on time and to the required specifications for the project.

EUROFLO’s SN8 pipe is independently certified to the ASNZS5065 standard and is made of a high-density polyethylene. It is suitable for all civil roading and stormwater projects. 

Joseph McLean, P&F Global’s Sales Manager, says as well as providing a strong, durable option, EUROFLO pipes are also a more sustainable choice than alternatives like concrete culverts.

“The environmental benefits start at the point of manufacturing because produced from HDPE resin uses significantly less energy to manufacture than materials like iron and concrete. Transporting HDPE piping also requires far less fuel than competing materials which are much heavier.”


PROJECT: Whangamoa Recovery Project, SH6 Whangamoa to Rai Valley

PRODUCT: 5.8m lengths of 315mm – 1200mm SN8 EUROFLO® pipe

WHEN: Nov – Dec 2022


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