Euroflo Rescues Milk Delivery


Euroflo Rescues Milk Delivery

Conrad Waihape from Waihape Excavating and Drainage received a call late one afternoon. A tanker track bridge had recently been condemned by an inspector but the communication about this had failed to reach the farmer. He was now left with a little over 12 hours to fix the problem.

The farmer’s own suppliers couldn’t help him with the correct sized culverts needed for the job, so his last hope was Waihape Excavating. Conrad managed to source the two pipes straight away. His farmer was impressed with the quick response and gave the go ahead. The pipe was ordered at 5.10pm, Conrad picked them up at 6.30pm and transported them to site.

The job took all night. First the old bridge had to be destroyed, then the new crossing constructed by installing the Euroflo culvert pipes. It all came together successfully with the Fonterra tanker arriving at 7am the next morning to take away the milk.

‘Joseph was great to deal with,’ says Conrad. ‘They had the pipe in stock, and were able to confirm details straight away, even though it was after hours. The pipe was exactly what we needed and there was no hold up in the milk collection. Awesome!’

WHAT: Euroflo 1950mm Culvert Pipe

WHERE: Scotts Gap, Southland

WHEN: February 2017

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