EUROFLO Slides into Action

EUROFLO Slides into Action

EUROFLO Slides into Action

When the team at Wanaka-based company Aquascape was asked to create a water play area at a local childcare centre they found some creative uses for EUROFLO® culvert pipes.

Aquascape owner and director Robin Cliff set out to create an interactive water feature for the children at Aspiring Beginnings and his inventive approach has delivered a fun space for learning and play.

“We’ve created a multi-faceted water feature and play area with a water slide, a hand pump, a tunnel, two water tables, flumes, geyser and an underground filtrating reservoir.”

A EUROFLO® 800mm culvert pipe forms the waterslide that sits at the centre of the water play area, chosen for its generous size and durability.

“We had to go for a big pipe because the Aspiring Beginnings team wanted to be able to use the slide with the children, which is such a great idea.”

“At the top of the slide it’s a full pipe, so it’s completely covered, and then it opens up halfway down where I cut away the top half of the pipe. I used the section that I cut out to make a transition so it slows the kids down and they hit a bit of a splash pool at the bottom.”

The blue green colouring of the EUROFLO® pipe was another reason it was chosen for the slide, because it doesn’t heat up as quickly as traditional black plastic pipes.

Another EUROFLO® pipe – a 500mm culvert pipe – sits at the top of the water feature and provides a tunnel for the kids to climb through.

“I cut some windows into the pipe to let some light in, so it isn’t too dark and scary for the children.”

The water play area also features a series of water tables and the ability to adjust water flows – and Aquascape’s thoughtful design means the kids can have fun without wasting water.

“The whole thing is recirculated so it goes back into a reservoir tank set into the ground at the foot of the slide.”

“EUROFLO® proved really robust and durable and it was also easy to work with because it is relatively lightweight so we could position it easily.”

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