Fast and Reliable EUROFLO


Fast and Reliable EUROFLO


Manawatu contractor Alan Sutherland plans to use EUROFLO® culvert pipe whenever he can after his first two experiences of working with the tough but lightweight product.

“I had to put in a vehicle entranceway on Himatangi Beach Road for the Manawatu District Council and I got the okay to use EUROFLO® pipe instead of concrete. I used 12m of the 315mm pipe,” says the Sutherland Contracting owner and operator.

“It was so much easier to use: nice and fast, packs in well and the fact it’s so much lighter makes it much safer because you’re not going to get fingers or limbs jammed in the process. It met with the Council standards and safety requirements too.”

Besides making it safer to handle, Alan says the lightweight pipe eliminates the need for a trailer and reduces labour.

“I can just toss [the pipe] on the back of the ute and get to the job, I don’t have to hire extra equipment just to transport the pipe and it’s much easier to work with and get into position once you get to the site.”

While Alan has heard some people raise concerns about plastic pipes not holding their shape he says EUROFLO® pipe has different specifications to choose from depending on the requirements of the job — he used the SN8 strength rating for the Council job — and it also comes down to proper practices like packing and compacting.

“The EUROFLO® pipes are tough and they absolutely stand up to the job. On this project I ran a 12 tonne roller over the top of the [culvert] without any problems.”

Alan says the other major benefit of EUROFLO® plastic pipes (made from high density polyethylene) is their flexibility which means they curve to fit existing drains reducing the need for additional earthworks.

Now, Alan has purchased two EUROFLO® SN8-rated 500mm culverts for a crossing that needs to regularly withstand 40 tonne tankers.

“I’ve already seen what the pipe does under tough conditions, it stands up to them.”

PROJECT: Vehicle entranceway on Himatangi Beach Road for Manawatu District Council
CONTRACTOR/CUSTOMER: Sutherland Contracting Limited owner and operator Alan Sutherland
PRODUCT: EUROFLO® 315mm culvert pipe — SN8 rating
WHEN: January 2019

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