Steep Stormwater Solution in Wellington

Stormwater Drainage for Sloped Land - Kelso Grove

Steep Stormwater Solution in Wellington

When it came time to upgrade the Kelso Grove stormwater pipe in the Wellington region, the main challenge facing the engineers was designing a drainage solution that would work for the steep gully slope.

The pipe they selected needed to be suitable for gravity drainage and it had to be easy to handle, given the challenging installation conditions.

Calibre Group’s national technical director and principal water engineer Oggie Kralj says his team chose EUROFLO® pipe because of its strength, size, and lightweight properties.

To ensure the stormwater drainage could cater to heavy rainfalls, the Calibre team proposed the installation of large diameter EUROFLO® pipe: 35m of 1200mm diameter, SN8 and 3m of 1500 mm diameter SN8.

“Despite really challenging site conditions – including a sloped site and limited access – the installation team found the EUROFLO® pipe easy to manoeuvre.”

The success of the installation was boosted by the product support offered by the P&F Global team.

“A EUROFLO® rep visited the site and held a pipe installation workshop with the contractor. The contractor installed the pipeline following ASNZS 2566 and the feedback was that it was easy to install the pipe to the plan and jointing of the pipeline was easy following the manufacturer’s instruction.”

Given Wellington’s natural geography, the flexibility offered by an HDPE pipe is another valuable advantage that could help future-proof the stormwater drainage in the event of an earthquake.

“Flexibility is a real advantage in seismic areas where it can accommodate moderate ground movements and remain in service.”

The cost-effectiveness of EUROFLO® pipe was also a factor.

“When you are looking at these large pipe diameters and considering both the product cost and installation time and costs, EUROFLO® pipes are a cost-effective option compared to other pipe and material options on the market.”

WHERE: Kelso Grove, Wellington Region
WHEN: 20 March 2020 – 26 June 2020 (delay due to COVID 19)
WHAT: Stormwater drainage on a sloped site
EUROFLO®: 1200mm and 1500 mm SN8-rated pipe

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