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EUROFLO® Civil Pipe


EUROFLO® civil is a versatile, strong twin walled culvert pipe made from HDPE that comes in SN8 and SN16 ratings and is suited for roading, construction and all civil stormwater projects. At 5.8M long and around 5% of the weight of concrete pipes, you can save time and money in both transport and installation. 

culvert install

Large Diameter EUROFLO® 1300mm – 2100mm


Large bore SN8 EUROFLO® pipes are steel reinforced high density polyethylene (HDPE). Large bore SN8 EUROFLO® pipes are manufactured by a unique technology. The pipe is characterized by an extremely high mechanical strength coupled with low weight in comparison to other marketed pipes.

EUROFLO® Slotted pipe


EUROFLO® slotted pipe is your answer to civil drainage and stormwater management in subdivisions, rain gardens and other commercial applications. Easily move rainwater around site without compromising project design.

Rubber Rings


EUROFLO® culvert pipes come in 5.8m lengths and will have a watertight joint if a rubber ring is used. Watch this instructional video on how to install rubber rings on EUROFLO® civil pipe.

EUROFLO® Go-In System


EUROFLO® Go-In System is a fast and user-friendly, cost-effective system that connects EUROFLO pipe to sumps, galleries, breather pipes and main drains. Easily install multiple connections that are securely fitted with sealing rings, avoiding the need to cut into and then seal up the pipe.

Go-In System

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“Everyone that has been part of this project in some way can be proud of the role we have played in helping restore rural roads and supporting vital access for rural communities cut off by Cyclone Gabrielle. By getting Fulton Hogan the product they needed, when they needed it, we have been able to help them reinstate vital infrastructure that thousands of people rely on.”


 – Joseph McLean

Sales Manager at P&F Global



Oakview Case Study - using EUROFLO® pipes

“EUROFLO® has been a great fit for Oakview and based on our experiences with it EUROFLO® is definitely one of the options on our list for other projects in the future.”


 – Oakview’s lead contractor Matt Mead

Director of Earthwork Solutions



“There is no alternative route through this area so closing the road was not an option. With the 5.8-metre lengths we were able to effectively install the pipe across two nights, whereas we would have expected to have taken up to five nights with conventional concrete pipe.”


 – Gerard Williams, Operations Engineer for the Fulton Hogan-led Aspiring Highways Alliance




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