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Councils, Engineers, Specifiers and Designers

Central to the success of our cities and towns, our products perform no matter what is flowing through them. From the rebuilding of Christchurch to the explosive growth in Auckland or the new factories for processing farmers’ products, P&F Global products are providing solutions for Councils, Engineers, Specifiers and Designers.

We have a whole range of highly specified products that will provide the best solutions for your project. With a demanding environment and many liquids to convey, it can be a challenge for councils, engineers, specifiers and designers to provide cost-effective, durable solutions.

Keeping creeks flowing safely under roads, stormwater, and run-off going safely to their intended destination – we can do it all. New Zealand’s infrastructure is always improving and upgrading and P&F Global source quality culverts and pipes in an amazing range of sizes for councils, engineers, specifiers and designers in the civil market.

P&F Global’s quality control ensures products stocked are compliant and ‘ready for service, fit for purpose’.

Trust P&F Global for all the solutions.

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euroflo civil pipe system being installed
EUROFLO® civil

EUROFLO Civil is a twin walled culvert pipe made from HDPE (high density polyethelene) that comes in SN8 and SN16 ratings. This premium grade product has a double ribbed exterior for extra strength.

euroflo go in pipe system
EUROFLO® Go-In System

EUROFLO Go-In System is a fast and user-friendly, cost-effective system that connects EUROFLO pipe to sumps, galleries, breather pipes and main drains.

Commercial waste

The top-quality German-made polypropylene pipe comes in a range of sizes and is used in places from dishwasher waste to large effluent lines, from abattoirs to science laboratories.

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