The rural sector is the backbone of this country and we make sure that all its drainage needs are met, helping farmers manage water and care for the environment.

We have New Zealand’s largest range of culverts and pipes to fittings, and options that help move water, protect streams and stop stock entering waterways.
Choose slotted, smooth-bore pipe to drain boggy areas, create stock crossings with culverts up to 2100mm diameter, pipe waterways, fix up that downpipe on the shed or convey water from a dam to another holding pond.


Installing culverts can improve efficiencies and help comply with environmental regulations on the farm, making it easier and faster for farmers and stock to move around. Infill area above a culvert pipe line can be grassed therefore increasing production in the paddock concerned.

Introducing culverts can also reduce injuries for stock and farmers by creating safer crossings.


Trust P&F Global for all the solutions.


DWV and Stormwater

PVC pipes and fittings for all your
farm-shed needs.

EUROFLO® culvert pipe

Our ultra-strong HDPE EUROFLO culvert pipes are the solution you need on your farm.

Gateway culvert pipe

A time-proven favourite of farmers,
this PVC culvert pipe is your everyday farm
culvert pipe solution.


Case Studies