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Solutions For Commercial Waste


Solutions For Commercial Waste

Check out the applications you can use this in:

This modern house has a disaster waiting under its hot water cylinder!

Use polypropylene all the way.  Milford High Temperature Waste is a quality polypropylene waste pipe system that has NO LIMIT on temperature of wastewater. Milford High Temperature Waste System won’t let you down like this.

  • Commercial dishwasher wastes
  • Steam oven drains
  • Geothermal areas where ground temperature is warm
  • Contaminated ground
  • Science Laboratories
  • Trade waste for Industrial sites, Abattoirs, Dairy Factories, etc
  • Hot discharge at geothermal sites

50mm above ground pipe is an excellent choice to use where 60-100°C water is discharging intermittently. Cost effective and safe for HWC relief valves. Also can use in Commercial kitchens have steam ovens and dishwashers with very hot discharge.

Rotorua and other areas in NZ where the ground is warm is causing softening of PVC and the sulphur content corroding other materials. Milford underground commercial waste is available from 110mm to 250mm and is the same sizing as the standard NZ drainage pipe (ASNZS 1260) making it an obvious choice. Easy to install and cost effective to other materials.

Have you applications where the ground has containments that will destroy PVC?Milford underground commercial waste is the answer. Resistant to chemicals from inside and outside pipe! It has been used in old gas works sites, old car wreckers yards etc.

Science Laboratories from Schools to Universities use this product because of its excellent chemical resistant (see below for link to chart). Savings in installation time are significant and our large stocks in NZ will keep your construction program on time.

Many applications in New Zealand’s industrial areas need to convey waste that is hot and/or corrosive. Our most extreme example is an 80°C washdown on the second level at an abattoir going down a Milford commercial waste that was suspended in a plant freezer below and performs magnificently.

This size range is up to 250mm, providing solutions for the many areas in geothermal power stations that transport away warm/hot water.