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EUROFLO – a smarter choice


EUROFLO – a smarter choice

Are you looking for faster, safer, lower cost drainage solutions for civil projects? EUROFLO pipe is the answer.

If you need to deliver cost-effective, durable drainage solutions on civil projects, you need to install EUROFLO pipes and fittings.

EUROFLO pipes have been installed by councils and civil contractors across New Zealand and the feedback is that installation is faster and safer with a lower installed cost than alternative pipes.


How does EUROFLO simplify drainage projects?
A wide range of dimensions, SN classes and special options — such as slotted pipe and the Go-In system — mean that EUROFLO will meet your project specs without modifications or work-arounds.

When has EUROFLO delivered a faster install?

EUROFLO slotted pipe saved Downer’s construction team days of extra work on the drainage solution for Ruapehu District Council’s new Park & Ride facility in the National Park Village.



How does EUROFLO deliver safer installations?
EUROFLO’s twin-wall design with high density polyethylene (HDPE) creates a lighter weight pipe that is easier to handle during installation, reducing risk of injury.

When has EUROFLO made a project safer?

Improved safety was one of the factors behind Waimakariri District Council and Sicon contractors using EUROFLO pipes in multiple drainage and culvert renewal projects on roads in the area.



How does EUROFLO deliver lower installation costs?

Flexible, lightweight properties of EUROFLO pipes mean installation is faster and requires less labour and heavy machinery. A 100-year design life means reduced maintenance and repair costs over the long-term too.

When has EUROFLO delivered savings?

Morrinsville contractors were able to underground stormwater drainage faster and at a better price than the concrete alternative, while meeting Council regulations with SN-rated EUROFLO pipes.



How does EUROFLO help contractors meet regulatory requirements?

Large diameter, SN-rated pipes mean projects using EUROFLO products will meet Council standards for stiffness and strength, and can be used in the engineering of culvert solutions that meet fish passage requirements.

When has EUROFLO delivered a council-approved culvert solution?

A GHD roading project in the Ruapehu region saw a 1700mm EUROFLO pipe used for a culvert that allowed for heavy water flows while still providing a natural stream bed environment to support fish passage.

fish passage culvert

To learn more about what engineers, contractors and councils think about EUROFLO products you can read more of our case studies – or you can get in touch with our team and find out for yourself.


EUROFLO: the smart choice for councils, civil contractors and engineers