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EUROFLO: the smart choice on farm

EUROFLO on farm

EUROFLO: the smart choice on farm

Need a drainage solution for your rural property?
Or looking to install or upgrade a stock crossing?

EUROFLO products are easy and safe to install, cost-effective and durable with SN-ratings designed to withstand heavy loads and tough treatment. 

 If you need to deliver cost-effective, durable drainage solutions for farms and rural projects, you need to install EUROFLO pipes and fittings.

EUROFLO pipes have been installed by farmers and rural contractors across New Zealand and the feedback is that installation is faster and safer, with a lower installed cost than alternative pipes.


How does EUROFLO simplify drainage projects?
A wide range of dimensions, SN classes and the natural structural properties of high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe mean that EUROFLO products meet project specs without time-consuming modifications or work-arounds.

When has EUROFLO delivered a faster install?

Replacing a rusted out corrugated steel culvert on Longbeach Estate in Ashburton with a reinforced concrete or steel pipe could have involved significant earthworks and delays, but with EUROFLO 1200mm pipe the contractor was able to use existing cast in-situ headwalls and complete the project on time and on budget.

rusted out culvert


How does SLOTTED EUROFLO simplify drainage projects?
A wide range of dimensions, SN classes and special options – such as slotted pipe and the Go-In System – mean that EUROFLO products will meet your project specs without modifications or work-arounds.

When has slotted EUROFLO delivered a simpler install?

A job that could have taken a farmer more than 30-hours of painstaking manual labour was avoided with the purchase of EUROFLO slotted drainage pipe and an installation process that allowed them to “lay it in a matter of seconds”.

Slotted EUROFLO in farm drainage


How does EUROFLO deliver safer installations?
EUROFLO’s twin-wall design with high density polyethylene (HDPE) creates a lighter weight pipe that is easier to handle during installation, reducing risk of injury.

When has EUROFLO made a project safer?

A South Island farm has implemented a series of upgraded crossings and new drainage solutions using EUROFLO pipes because the lightweight pipe makes transportation and handling easier, and the work “faster and simpler”.

EUROFLO culvert in stock crossing


How does EUROFLO deliver lower installation costs?

Flexible, lightweight properties of EUROFLO pipes mean installation is faster and requires less labour and heavy machinery. EUROFLO also offers simple solutions, such as the Go-In System for easy connection with existing sumps and drains.

When has EUROFLO delivered savings?

A commercial goat farm in the Hawkes Bay was able to “easily and quickly install” their own rainwater runoff solution using EUROFLO’s Go-In System, which connected into existing pipes and allowed for vertical installation.

Go-In System


How does EUROFLO help farmers and rural contractors meet regulatory requirements?

Large diameter, SN-rated pipes mean projects using EUROFLO products will meet council standards for stiffness and strength, and can be used in culvert solutions that can withstand heavy loads over the long-term.

When has EUROFLO delivered a council-approved culvert solution?

Sutherland Contracting in the Manawatu has used SN8-rated EUROFLO pipes for several culverts with confidence the pipes can stand up to the 40-tonne tankers that regularly use those vehicle crossings – and with approval from the Manawatu District Council.


To learn more about what farmers, rural contractors and councils think about EUROFLO products you can read more of our case studies – or you can get in touch with our team and find out for yourself.


EUROFLO: the smart choice for all farm and rural solutions