No-Slip Solution for Fiordland Hostel


No-Slip Solution for Fiordland Hostel


Deep Cove Hostel in Fiordland had a problem. The plastic grating they had nailed over their wooden decking kept lifting and creating a slip hazard for visitors. The hostel needed a solution that would address the health and safety issues and withstand the elements it was exposed to.

The Deep Cove Hostel team had seen grating products being used on launch ramps and wondered if something similar would work on their decks. After some searching they found the right product, at the right price, with P&F Global’s fibreglass grating.

Fibreglass grating is anti-slip, and corrosion and fire resistant, so it offered a durable, long-lasting solution that would help ensure the hostel decking was a safe, non-hazardous environment for the hundreds of school children that use the building each year.

The colour of the product also blended well into the natural surroundings – another important factor given the property’s location in a remote part of the Fiordland National Park.

“I needed something that would withstand the elements, wouldn’t rot and worked well outdoors in Fiordland. The fibreglass grating was a great option and, as the site is operated by a trust, we needed the price to be right,” says Mike MacManus, Chairman of Deep Cove Outdoor Education Trust.

“This product ticked all these boxes and we couldn’t be happier.”

He says the installation of the lightweight but strong fibreglass grating was quick and easy: “It was very easy to install, we had it all installed over a weekend.”

Two years on, MacManus says the product has proven very durable and they would definitely use it again.

Now, with funding from the Tourism Infrastructure Fund, the Deep Cove Outdoor Education Trust is adding to their well-used facilities with a new visitor centre and toilets.

“This is allowing us to provide an additional learning space for the public and schools to use and separate toilets for the public.”

WHAT: Fibreglass Grating – 25mm Grey Grating Fibre
WHERE: Deep Cove Hostel, Fiordland
WHEN: July 2017 – and still going strong two years later 

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