Waimakariri District Council Culvert Installation


Waimakariri District Council Culvert Installation

Waimakariri District Council continues to embrace change and use products of the 21st century that will see them through to the 22nd century! WDC were one of the first District Councils to start using Euroflo pipe, and haven’t look back since.

 Some comments from their Roading Engineer Ken Avant, following a number of Euroflo installations they have completed:

 “Over the last several weeks we have installed 300mm, a 450mm, a twin 500mm and a 1200mm Milford culverts sourced by P&F Global in Invercargill.

Delivery was great and the crew installing the pipes found them easy to handle at 5.5m in length light enough for ease of installation and joining.  A 100mm gravel base was laid and the culverts where haunched by 250mm GAP40mm layers ensuring good compaction.  All culverts are in low volume WDC roads and have 3-400mm cover.

The 3 sections of each culvert were easily completed in a day with riprap used for inlet/outlet structures.

A great and far better alternative to other plastic brands and providing the recommended cover 300-400 mm is adhered to a far better economic solution to concrete.”


Ken Avant
Roading Engineer
Waimakariri District Council


We continue to work with them and their clients to deliver projects that they can rest assured will have a lifetime of around 100 years – no more digging out and replacing collapsed pipes!