Commercial Waste

The perfect solution for a multitude of hot and or corrosive environments.

This Milford branded commercial waste system features a range of pipes and fittings for both above ground and below ground systems. Easy to recognise, all above ground pipe and fittings come in grey, while below ground are green.

The top-quality German-made polypropylene pipe comes in a range of sizes and is used for trade waste in places from dishwasher waste to large effluent lines, from abattoirs to science laboratories. Polypropylene is recognised as more environmentally friendly than PVC and can be a good substitute for PVC to gain credits towards a project’s Green Star rating.

Installed Junction
Installed Junction

The ultra-smooth bore on the pipe helps to eliminate incrustation and is self-cleaning, therefore very low maintenance. There is no limit on the thermal load from hot waste water and they are appropriate for chemically aggressive wastewater within a range of PH2 to PH12.

Both above ground and below ground systems are cost-effective and easy to install. They are compatible with copper and PVC and come with a rubber ring joint design which allows for expansion.

The below ground system also comes with a range of earthenware adaptors and is extremely tough – rated to SN8.

Heat stable with a very low coefficient of expansion and extreme toughness makes it a logical choice where specifiers and designers need the best material on the market.

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