DWV and Stormwater Systems

All products are made to the demanding Australian and New Zealand standards, giving you peace of mind.

Featuring a wide range of stormwater and DWV pipes and fittings. These innovative products give you the selection you need for your on-time, on-budget quality installation.

DWV and Stormwater pipes come in both solid wall and sandwich wall construction. All pipes and fittings are made of PVC, making them ideal for all unheated water and cold water, vent and drainage systems. Fit for purpose for both recreational and business use.

Unsure if you need PVC or CPVC for your job? Check out our handy checklist here.

Crate lots of DWV Solvent joint pipe

Got a tricky pipe install on an uneven surface? Our unique aluminium holderbats feature adjustable legs to ensure an even fit on any surface. They are easy to install both horizontally or vertically and the legs can be reversed to fit into those tight spots.

And check out the range of slab repairs, flap valves to 300mm, double junctions and alternative male and female fittings across a range of sizes.

Pipe Standards and Lengths

DWV Pipe is made to AS/NZS 1260 and comes in solid wall and sandwich wall construction of 6-metre lengths. Solid wall construction also available in 1-metre lengths.

Stormwater pipe is made to AS/NZS 1254 and comes in solid wall and sandwich wall construction of 6-metre lengths.

For a full list of products please open the product catalogue found in the resources box.