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EUROFLO® Go-In System

Why do I need the EUROFLO Go-In System?

EUROFLO Go-In System is a fast and user-friendly, cost-effective system that connects EUROFLO pipe to sumps, galleries, breather pipes and main drains.


Easily install multiple connections that are securely fitted with sealing rings, avoiding the need to cut into and then seal up the pipe. 

Go-In System

You can install branches after the main pipe has been placed and vertical installations can be done even when the water is flowing.


The Go-In System allows for the multiple connections, and it ensures they are securely fitted with the sealing rings. If you can, you want to avoid cutting holes into pipes and then having to seal them off again – that’s exactly what this system achieves.


The EUROFLO Go-In System is an easily accessible, off-the-shelf solution that can be added to your project without any hold-ups or complications. 


Go-In System Fittings

EUROFLO Go-In System Fittings available include sealing adaptors, holesaw and arbor, sealing rings and sealing adaptor rubber ring gaskets. 

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For easy to install instructions see the Go-In System catalogue in the Resources box below. The full range of fittings available is also listed. 



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“It made it very easy. The pipe was light enough that we could carry it in by hand, which was important because the pipes were sitting between two houses and the pipe connections all fitted together easily. That project was the first time we’d used EUROFLO® and the Go-In System, but we’ll definitely be using it again in the future.”

Shane Deverill, Director at Thames Drainage