EUROFLO rural pipe is the pipe for all your on-farm stormwater projects

Easy to handle, maintenance and rust free, EUROFLO is also resistant to chemically aggressive soil conditions.


EUROFLO is a twin walled culvert pipe made from HDPE (high density polyethelene). This premium grade product is the only culvert pipe in New Zealand that has a double ribbed exterior for extra strength. The interior sports a smooth bore for superior flow as well as ensuring there is less internal silt build-up. EUROFLO is manufactured to last for 100 years in New Zealand conditions.

EUROFLO pipe on farm

Why choose EUROFLO rural SN4 pipe?


EUROFLO is a versatile, strong culvert pipe that is suited for all rural use. It is light and easy to handle, both on site and in transport. The long 5.8 metre lengths each have a socket on one end for easy joining.


Installing EUROFLO culverts can improve efficiencies and help comply with environmental regulations on the farm, making it easier and faster for people and stock to move around. Infill area above a culvert pipe line can be grassed therefore increasing production in the paddock concerned.


Introducing culverts can also reduce injuries for stock and farmworkers by creating safer crossings.


FREE Farm Drone Mapping Service

We offer a full farm mapping service so that we can give you the best advice on what EUROFLO pipes will improve your drainage.

Our rural specialist maps your farm with a drone and then comes up with a personalised drainage plan. No more boggy unproductive paddocks not giving you good returns. Future-proof your farm for all weather events and ensure you are getting the best return out of your land.

Read more on the drone mapping service here



Stock is held in stores throughout New Zealand supplied by stock locations in Auckland, Christchurch and Invercargill.

Sizes (OD)
160mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm, 400mm, 500mm, 630mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm  

For sizes larger than 1200mm please see the EUROFLO civil page. We stock sizes up to 2100mm that are all perfect for use on the farm. 


Fittings and Fluming

Cut in ½ lengthways, EUROFLO can be used for stock troughs and fluming. Also available is a durable PVC fabric fluming product. Fluming can preserve your embankments by directing discharge from culverts to the desired outlet. The PVC fabric fluming is available to fit 100mm to 900mm pipe.

EUROFLO Fittings available include rubbers, sealing adaptors, holesaw, sealing rings, reducers, bends and junctions. 


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Easy to install instructions can be found in the catalogue PDF below. When installing your culvert pipe it is best to ensure the socket end of the pipe faces upstream and the end of the pipe projects out to prevent erosion of backfill downstream.

For a full list of our range of drainage pipes, PVC systems and more, open the full product catalogue found in the Resources box.


Rural install of a EUROFLO culvert pipe on a farm in New Zealand.

Rural install of a EUROFLO culvert pipe in a farm to create a stock crossing.

VIDEO: Getting Stuck In

VIDEO: The Big Drop

VIDEO: Easy installation

VIDEO: 1750mm working in flood


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