EUROFLO® Slotted Pipe

EUROFLO slotted pipe is your answer to both rural and civil drainage and stormwater management

On the farm you can eliminate stock losses and comply with your environmental responsibilities to protect waterways by using EUROFLO slotted pipe to fill in open drains, without losing any ground drainage.


Use EUROFLO slotted pipe for stormwater management in subdivisions, rain gardens and commercial applications. Easily move rainwater around site without compromising project design. 

EUROFLO slotted pipe

Why choose EUROFLO slotted pipe?


EUROFLO is a strong slotted drainage pipe option that is manufactured to last for 100 years in New Zealand conditions. It is a twin walled culvert pipe made from HDPE (high density polyethelene).   


EUROFLO is light and easy to handle, both on site and in transport. The long 5.8 metre lengths each have a socket on one end for easy joining.



Stock is held in stores throughout New Zealand supplied by stock locations in Auckland, Christchurch and Invercargill.


Sizes (OD)

160mm, 200m, 250mm, 315mm, 400mm, 500mm, 630mm.


EUROFLO Smoothbore Drainage Coils come in both punched and unpunched. The smoothbore helps with fast flow and helps eliminate silt build-up. The smoothbore drainage coils come in 110mm diameter in lengths of 25m and 50m.


Easy to handle, maintenance and rust free, EUROFLO is also resistant to chemically aggressive soil conditions.

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Easy to install instructions can be found in the EUROFLO® Technical Brochure here


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