Gateway Culvert Pipe

A time-proven favourite of farmers, the Gateway Culvert pipe is available in a range of sizes from 110mm – 400mm.

For use in all farm and forestry culverts, the Gateway Culvert pipe has all the benefits of PVC while being remarkably strong. It is easy to handle and cut and never ever rusts or corrodes.


Made to AS/NZS1254 standard, the Gateway Culvert pipe has a socket on one end and is made from uPVC construction. Standards lengths are 5 metres long, with 6-metre lengths available on request.


Cut in ½ lengthways the culvert pipe can be used for stock troughs and fluming. Also available is a durable PVC fabric fluming product. Fluming can preserve your embankments by directing discharge from culverts to a desired outlet. The PVC fabric fluming is available to fit 100mm to 900mm pipe and can be fitted to any construction.

Farm Discharge in Full-Flow

The Gateway Culvert pipe has an amazing range of fittings to complement them, should you need to turn a corner, add a flap valve or add in another pipe with a junction. 


It also has an excellent load bearing capacity and comes with easy to install instruction in the catalogue PDF below. When installing your culvert pipe it is best to ensure the socket end of the pipe faces upstream and the end of the pipe projects out to prevent erosion of backfill downstream.


If you need a stronger SN rated, slotted or larger culvert pipe, check out our range of EUROFLO Culvert pipes here. Available in a range of sizes from 160mm to 2150mm and in SN2 to SN16 ratings we have the culvert pipe for you. 


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