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PVC Pressure Systems

NZ’s Professionals in PVC Pressure Systems and PVC Pipe Fittings

PVC pipe is the world’s most widely used medium for conveyance of fluids.


After centuries of using ancient materials such as clay, lead, iron and more recently steel, ductile iron and asbestos cement, PVC has, in a comparatively short 70 years, replaced all of the traditional applications of these materials to become the premier pipe material, measured by length or value, in the world today.


The product has well recognised advantages of immunity to corrosion, chemical and micro-/macro-biological resistance, hydraulic capacity, ease of handling, and installation, together with toughness and flexibility. Its widespread applications are largely attributable to these features.

Crate lots of Pressure solvent joint pipe
Crate lots of Pressure solvent joint pipe

PVC fittings are manufactured by high-pressure injection moulding. All products are made to the demanding Australian and New Zealand standards, giving you peace of mind.


PVC-u Pressure Pipe is a lead-free product, is made to AS/NZS 1477 and comes in 6 metre lengths.


We also stock a wide range of threaded pressure fittings. These can reduce the number of fittings you need to finish a job and enable you to keep your entire system in PVC when you may have used PE in the past. Check out more benefits of using threaded pressure fittings here along with a handy checklist of all the fittings including sizes that we stock.


Blue hose is a good general-purpose hose for suction and discharge and is applied widely in uses such as diesel fuels, lubricating oils, mineral oils and transformer oils. Blue hose also features a smooth bore and is light and flexible, durable alternative to rubber hose.

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We are proud of our wide range of innovative products. From stormwater pipes to downpipes, we give you a great selection for your on-time, on-budget, quality installation. We are a trusted team, providing you with long-lasting pipe fitting solutions, and are ready and happy to take on all challenging jobs. If you have a pipe fitting job, or looking for more information on your system, get in touch with the experts at P&F Global today.